Collection by Luke Hopping

Amazing Midcentury Renovations


With one foot in the Space Age and another in the 21st-century, these charming midcentury homes benefit from sensitive, contemporary updates.

The light fixtures, a string of dangling lights seen above the dining table, emulate what SHED Architects principal...
In addition to adjusting the windows, Carle dislocated all wall partitions from the main structure of the house to...
The living area’s glass walls open up to the outdoors, blurring the line between interior and exterior spaces.
The new kitchen borrowed space and light from the original courtyard.
When a couple was looking to update their 1960s house in Brentwood, California, they didn't have to look far for help.
The exterior reveals the addition located at the rear of the structure.
Elise Loehnen and Rob Fissmer bought their house, which dates to 1950, in 2012, furnishing the living room with a...
The renovated home maintains its original layout.
Jessica Helgerson Interior Design, with project manager and lead designer Emily Kudsen Leland at the helm, remade a...
Katherine Lambert, a partner at Metropolitan Architectural Practice (MAP), and her business associate Christiane...
Ikea cabinets were combined with durable work surfaces and personal touches like a chalkboard wall.