Collection by Eujin Rhee

Amazing Futuristic Homes from Austria to Spain


As the writer Victor Hugo once said, "There is nothing like a dream to create the future." These three unconventional homes from Llers, Spain to The Big Apple transcend from the norm with their innovative concepts and angular designs.

The hydroponic rooftop garden grows out of volcanic stones.
The concrete volumes of the upper and lower floors are independent to allow expansion and compression.
A narrow terrace—one of three—hangs precariously over the street.
The “culinary cockpit” (a.k.a. the kitchen) stands at the center of the apartment on a raised platform.
The bed, usually scattered with Legos and toy cars, “is a big playground for the kids,” says Krastev.
The clients embraced the material because it is kidproof—any marks can be cleaned easily and the matte finish resists...

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