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Alleanza Quartz


In keeping with the strong heritage that has been the heart of our company for over 27 years, European has designed and created it’s very own quartz line and have named it… ALLEANZA!

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Alleanza Quartz was developed by Italian engineers, using the most refined and highest grade quartz crystals, to meet our customer’s requirements for a safer, greener, and sophisticated surface.

European has an unparalleled commitment to quality, as well as a dedication to our clients demands, and we believe that Alleanza Quartz is the ultimate expression and true alliance of the two.

Here's a photo of our very own, brand new Alleanza™ Quartz line in action.
AUTHENTIC VEINING - Genuine allure.
CLASSIC ELEGANCE - For today's lifestyle.
SERENE AND LUMINOUS - Create spacious and tranquil spaces.
CLEAN AND GREEN - Uncompromising performance.
INSPIRED BY NATURE - Engineered to last.

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