Collection by Andrea Smith

All-Wood Dining Areas


These warm, wood-clad dining spaces are perfect for sharing the company of others.

Angled openings in the roofline function as both windows and vents, allowing views and cross-breezes.
The dining table doubles as a homework spot.
Bernier helps seven-year-old Edouard with his homework while four-year-old Victor flaunts his rebellious side.
Her memory remained sharp, says DeMarie.
A Bright...
Strips of white-oak flooring line the interior of the studio, created by designer Jeff Vincent and PATH Architecture.
O’Sullivan designed the ceiling “to have a knitted or woven quality like that of wool or silk.” It dives down over the...
The table in the common area, which continues the FSC-certified maple used throughout the interior, is mostly used for...
In the dining room, the vintage table and chairs are set off by a Modo Chandelier from Roll & Hill and a vibrantly...
The light fixtures, a string of dangling lights seen above the dining table, emulate what SHED Architects principal...
Seamless silver fir panels known as “Täfer” cover the interior walls and ceiling.