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There is some architecture that never ceases to inspire. These are those places.

A Family Retreat in the Hamptons Bridles Wind, Water, and Light
An East Hampton residence by Bates Masi is situated to harness the elements.
Cabins and Connectors Form a Family’s Lake Michigan Retreat
Balancing public and private spaces and facilitating the merge of indoors and outdoors, a series of white cedar-clad volumes...
Going for Gold A small Parisian...
The Heids incorporated mostly native plants into the courtyard, which Andrew designed as an ovoid decagon.
Lifetime Achievement: Moshe Safdie An architect, urbanist, planner, educator, theorist and author, Moshe Safdie has...
Hope Floats
A self-taught designer embarks upon a solo mission to resuscitate a 19th-century homestead.
When Goldstein bought the house, the only vegetation was one lonely tree.
Six modular, concrete boxes comprise a five-bedroom home on Martha’s Vineyard, in Chilmark, Massachusetts.
Arbel’s projects—both products and architectural commissions—follow a chronological numbering system.
The court exposes the sky, fills the previously dark loft with natural daylight, and brings accessible outdoor space...
The Parisian flat that American-born architect Michael Herrman shares with his wife, Cécile, and their 2-year-old...
Expansive accordion doors join together in a sharp angle when shut, but when they’re open the crook competely...
The Messner Mountain Museum, located 7464 feet above sea level in Italy’s Dolomites, is one of Zaha Hadid’s last works.
The Floating Farmhouse’s semitransparent addition has a roofline that matches the pitch of the original 1820s farmhouse.