Collection by Jaime Gillin

Alejandro Sticotti's Teahouse


I met with the Argentinian architect and furniture designer Alejandro Sticotti a few months ago while he was in San Francisco, and he showed me photos he'd snapped the previous week, while on Megijima Island in Japan for the 2010 Setouchi International Art Festival. The annual festival is over now, but I thought I'd still share his images, which show the furnishings and lighting he created for a restaurant on the ground floor of a Japanese ryokan inn on Megijima, one of Japan's Inner Islands.

Here's a view of the island, snapped from Sticotti's ferry on approach.
Sticotti, on the left, was really excited to meet Kazuyo Sejima, director of this year's Venice Biennale and a Pulitzer...
This house was originally in ruins, and was reconstructed for this project.
Inside the restaurant/teahouse. Sticotti designed the wooden tables, stools, and lighting fixtures.
The interior in action.
There's an installation by the artist Leandro Erlich in the courtyard: a Zen garden where footsteps subtly appear and...
I love this shot.
Here's a closer view of the furniture, made of lapacho wood and woven rawhide.
The exterior lights, hung beneath the eaves of the roof, are also made of lapacho wood.
Looks like a hip crowd. The island will get its next wave of art-seekers next summer.