Alden B. Dow Historical Images


1904-1983 Alden B. Dow sought to create quality in all that he did. Whether designing a building, talking to a friend or spending time with his family, quality was a constant. “Each idea must be an expression of intimate care, a personal concern that all the details of the ‘Big Idea’ meet a standard of quality.” To obtain quality, he questioned, challenged and tested the world in a positive and constructive manner with Honesty, Humility and Enthusiasm. These three factors became the guiding principals in all areas of his life, personal and professional.

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The Peter Carras Residence 1961 (The Dow Test House) Designed by Alden B. Dow F.A.I.A.
In the summer of 1961, The Dow Chemical Company approached Alden B. Dow with a proposal to design a research test house that used...
Here's a model of a house that Dow designed for some clients who never ended up building it. One of his daughters later...
I love this graphic representation of how Dow's initials became his logo.
A nice pic of old Alden himself.
Alden B. Dow and his wife Vada at home in the 1930s.
Dow designed his home specifically for his wife and three children, including an interior corridor between the...