Collection by Kelsey Keith

Affordable, American Design Gift Guide


American Design Club is a group of designers that exists to help promote the work of designers working the US of A. The AmDC shop is a treasure trove of giftable items; here are our picks.

Origami bowls in cast, folded aluminum by AKMD, a design collaboration between Ayush Kasliwal and Mike Dreeben.
Brandon Keim's Lightsticks are candlestick holders that pay homage to a certain classic sci-fi trilogy.
Stone and marble trivets in geometric shapes (with leather backing to prevent slippage) by Fort Standard.
InsideOut champagnes glasses by Alissia Melka-Teichroew of ByAMT Studio are as ingenious as they are attractive: the...
Chi-Chi 3-strand yarn necklace by Grain in blue, orange, and pink.
Stackable Snowmen by superfruit tap into the holiday spirit without devolving into kitsch.
Cylinder salt and pepper shakers in copper with a radial brushed finish by Ladies & Gentlemen. $70 for the set at AmDC.
Hive Honey Set by Biodidactic, is a honeycomb-inspired countertop set made by a beekeeper for honey enthusiasts.