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Aether's Airstream


Here at Dwell, we love all things Airstream, that modernist silver bullet racing toward the freedom of the open road. And though some of the best Airstream design takes the object as a mobile home, French designer Thierry Gaugain (a decades-long lieutenant of Philipe Starck) has recently reimagined it as a mobile shop, or as he puts it, "a toy chest on wheels." Gaugain was employed by the outdoor clothing brand Aether to design a kind of mobile command unit to help sell its gear. The concept is that this Airstream is the home of a wandering adventurer who travels the world and occasionally sells what he's picked up along the way. I met Gaugain here in San Francisco last week and he took me through the design.

The AetherStream, as the company calls it, is presently in Los Angeles, though it will be setting out in early November...
Here's a view of the interior, which houses a fireplace by the contemporary fireplace company Focus and custom...
Call it a kind of "brand experience" but you're meant to enter Aether's world inside the Airstream, and the other...
Even our restless adventurer needs a place to lay his head.
Gaugain told me that although much of the work for the AetherStream was custom, he and Aether's founders wanted a...
A quick glimpse of the back opened up. As you can see, not every square foot is devoted to retail.

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