Collection by Zachary Edelson

Accessories for the Modern Bar


With the winter holiday's celebrations around the corner, your home's gathering spaces (and any bar area nearby) may see a spike in traffic. If so, check out these 6 designs that let you mix and imbibe in style.

Another conversation starter is the Nambu Tekki Cast Iron Tool Bottle Opener - Hammer.
Just as some drinks rely on texture to make an impression, the Copper Chemistry Carafe offers a unique sensory...
For those with a more luxurious bar experience in mind, this 24K Gold-Plated Cocktail Jigger from Yukiwa offers no...
With over one million sold, the 870/50 Cocktail Shaker—designed by Carlo Mazzeri for Alessi—is one of the most popular...
Made from rich, solid walnut wood, Geoffrey Lilge's 6.1.2 Hole Slab Long Serving Board (from On Our Table) is finished...
It's not quite Hemingway's movable feast, but a well-stocked Happy Hour Trolley may come close.

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