Collection by UP interiors


Simple Glassware by Hawkins New York.
Nomad Pen Holder by VE2 for Skagerak.
Simple Walnut Serving Set by Hawkins New York.
Piuma Creamer by Marco Sironi for Ichendorf Milano.
Candle Holder by Fin.
Paddle Jar by Noidoi Design Studio for Skagerak.
Sentei Basami by Banshu Hamono.
Edge Pots by Stilleben for Skagerak.
Japanese Folding Knife by Banshu Hamono.
Mara Serving Collection - Bowl by Hawkins New York.
Nigiri Basami by Banshu Hamono.
Serving Tray by Fin.
Norm Wall Clock by Norm.Architects for Menu.
Tachi Basami Sewing Scissors by Banshu Hamono.
Yukihira Saucepan by Yoshikawa.
Chatel by Peugeot.
Bottle Carafe, 1 l by Norm.Architects for Menu.
ROK Espresso Maker by Patrick Hunt for ROK.
Drop Candle Holder by Anton Björsing for Skagerak.
Bowl by Hasami Porcelain.
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