Collection by Luke Hopping

A Vertical Walkway in Mexico Becomes a Leisurely Public Space


At a housing development in Mexico City, the architecture firm Ludens designed a vibrant outdoor area perfect for idling and absorbing views of the city. For more public space makeovers, check out our June issue, featuring a midcentury town square revitalization and more.

Ludens recently finished remaking a public walkway at a housing development in the Santa Fe area of Mexico City.
The makeover retained the stair's linear layout for efficient circulation, while creating moments of respite.
Flatter parts of the landscape were set aside as points of congregation.
A spacious community playground is a popular destination at the revamped outdoor area.
The site, which overlooks the city, gave the firm an interesting natural attraction to work with.
Ludens capitalized on the view by orienting interactive features, such as the swing set, in its direction.
Today the outdoor space balances leisure and efficiency, providing residents with an expedient thoroughfare between...