Collection by Megan Hamaker

A Surfer's Paradise


For those that love salt in the air and sand in their hair, these seven shops and homes from the Dwell archives should have you busting out the wet suits and boards. Here, we highlight some of our favorite surf shops and the homes of the people who might frequent them.

In addition to surfboards, wetsuits and beachwear, Saturdays sources and sells rare books, fine art and other...
The Third Wave Kiosk opened on the shores of Torquay, Australia, in 2011.
On an overcast day, Montara’s beach is almost completely deserted.
It was the surf and the artsy vibe that attracted Eric Grunbaum to Venice Beach, California, 18 years ago.
Architects David Arkin and Anni Tilt found a balance between passive design strategies—plenty of natural light,...
Upon entry, on the left you encounter a display of 'antlers' (made of branches), a wooden surfboard by Danny Hess, and...
Joined by architect Michael Lee and friend Gus McConnell, Jacobson shouts up to Dukes that they’re headed out for an...

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