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Houses and places and nooks and crannies to be part of my someday house.

Harry Weese’s Lavateili House —...
A Clever Belgian Couple Renovate Their Aging Brick Home
By introducing chic new elements, a Belgian couple takes a gentle approach to transforming a tired house into a vibrant workshop.
The room can easily adapt to become a study, lounge, or entertainment space.
Vilhelm Lundstrom portrait of Juhl’s wife, Hanne Wilhelm Hansen, hangs above Juhl's Poet sofa (1941).
The home also features an elegant sauna—this is Finland after all.
The patio at the front of the house offers a view of the balcony that connects the second-floor bedrooms.
Illustrations discovered at Paris's Les Puces flea market adorn a bathroom wall.
Once past the main threshold, the house opens up to the outside, literally and figuratively.
The geometric pool also captures views of the lush landscape.
The kitchen table, built into the structure of the house, includes two hot plates.
Wenes incorporated artful furnishings into the private spaces: In the living room, a leather chair by Maarten Van...
The ceramics studio was formerly a pergola wrapped in chicken wire, used as a dog kennel by the previous owner.
A section of the facade—a cross between a shoji screen and a barn door—slides open.
Design studio the Andes House saw potential for an office system in an unlikely material.
Elsewhere, the blocks accommodate other uses, like support for a built-in table and benches in the kitchen and a...
At the far end of the living room, an old armoire—an inherited family heirloom—stands as a sober counterpoint to all...