Collection by Kelly Dawson

A Quebec Vacation Home Uses Natural Materials to Blend with the Landscape


Lakeside views influence a property’s low-impact design.

When architect Eric Tremblay of Boom Town was asked to construct this home in Harrington, Quebec, he was already familiar with the clients. He had recently completed a renovation of the couple’s Montreal apartment and now they were picturing a secluded vacation home that Tremblay would build from scratch. “We found this beautiful land bordering the lake with majestic cedars,” he said, and the site became the basis for a minimally intrusive design. Tremblay used the slope of the ground to influence the home’s six connecting layers, which unfold to a ground level that opens directly to the lake. The property is intended for two, but since the owners are new grandparents, it is also a place meant to entertain family and friends.

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