Collection by William Lamb

A Prize-Winning Renovation in Rotterdam


Kaan Architecten has been awarded 2013 a Benelux Aluminum Award for sustainable renovation in the non-residential buildings category for its painstaking refurbishment of a building in central Rotterdam.

The 11,300-square-foot building, which Kaan Architecten calls Dreamhouse, was designed in the 1950s by Van den Broek en...
The building houses a jewler's and a fashion retailer. Photo by Sebastian van Damme.
The building's cantilevered second story hangs over the ground floor, casting a shadow over the storefronts.
Photo by Sebastian van Damme.
Vertical louvers are a defining feature of the second-story facade, shading the floor-to-ceiling windows from excessive...
A green roof is another defining feature of the renovation. Photo by Sebastian van Damme.
The jury evaluated the entries on the basis of these criteria: significant use of aluminum, energy efficiency,...