A new strategy for handling human waste so we don't waste it nor finding it repulsive in any other way

I've always been appalled with flush toilets destroying both drinking water and maybe the best fertilizer for growing food for humans ... besides being revolted seeing drinkingwater deliberately destroyed by mixing it with toilet waste (water was scarce where I spent a lot of my time) so I wondered what it was that kept us chained to this remarkable bad habit. Then I see that it is only recently that we have been able to keep the human waste under just the right low presure to be able to store it for long periods of time but by doing so we can keep it odor and insect free, isolating all pathogenic organisms in the container in which the waste drastically shrinks. Now a whole city section in Sweden is recovering the nutrients and we can do it individually with new technology called SmartToilet.se describing the strategy. I find it especially importand for living on water in floating houses. These toilets do not use water so one invention needed was to keep it clean without flush -see www.compostera.co.uk and the toilet itself has to be attractive enough for todays bathrooms.

The toilet must always be odor-free and look pleasing, be silent not offending any of our senses, can be a tall order.
This is how toilet waste shrinks yearly and the reason for why it can be stored for up to 40...