Collection by William Lamb

A New Steel Chair from Italy


The Antia chair, which Alpestudio Architetti Associati created for Formabilio, marries the sturdiness of steel with an arresting, minimalist look.

The new Antia chair by Alpestudio Architetti Associati for Formabilio is fashioned from steel and coated with...
The Antia chair sells for 142 to 237 euros (about $165 to $275) depending on finishes and the optional inclusion of a...
Alpestudio Architetti Associati, which designed the chair, is a studio founded in 2006 by Luca and Alessia Perini,...
The lagoon green varnish gives the Antia chair an eye-catching quality.
A uniquely shaped base joins the Antia chair to the ground with "an unequivocal signature," Formabilio says.
The "exclusive" version of the chair comes with a natural felt cushion.