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A New Book on the Los Angeles Development of Iconic Modernist Architect A. Quincy Jones


Architect and Dwell on Design Los Angeles speaker Cory Buckner’s forthcoming book, Crestwood Hills: The Chronicle of a Modern Utopia, revisits the obstacles faced by the Mutual Housing Association (MHA) in 1947, as they worked to develop a utopian, post–World War II community in Brentwood, California. The struggling Crestwood Hills project (originally called the Mutual Housing Tract) eventually put the MHA on the map as the only successful large-scale modern housing cooperative in the west. The cooperative hired Southern California modernist architects A. Quincy Jones and Whitney R. Smith to design 28 floor plans to offer its members.

Schneidman House and owner, Kristin MacDowell (MHA 301). In 1946, a group of returning servicemen began talks of...
Roy and Patricia Hamma enjoy time in their living room, furnished with Charles and Ray Eames pieces.
Carport of Arens House (MHA 104). Los Angeles architect Cory Buckner found great interest in the Crestwood Hills...
Gross House entrance (MHA 111). Buckner’s Crestwood Hills book shares more than 200 vintage and contemporary images of...
Schneidman House dining room (MHA 301). Cory Buckner will speak on the Crestwood Hills project and her book at Dwell...
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