A New Airstream Vibe by Christopher Deam

"Airstream trailers capture our imaginations, making us envision an experience of life on the road, unencumbered by everyday norms. Bold, adventurous, independent, mobile…these characteristics can also be brought into your home. This style guide is based on a 1959 Airstream Land Yacht that I remodeled this summer as our guest quarters."

Christopher C. Deam is an architect and furniture designer best known for his pioneering designs for Airstream Intl. His designs crystallized a renewed interest in the American icon and sparked what has now become a movement of customizing trailers. Chris’ work builds upon the aesthetic standards and exquisite restraint of previous modern masters and represents the core values of a designer who believes in design that is direct, honest and unadorned. Deam's quest to make his design "essential" is characterized by the reduction of design elements, gracefully revealing the enduring beauty that ultimately rests in the utility of design. www.cdeam.com