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A Modern Kitchen Remodel in Austin


Built in 1950, Lloyd and Kirsten Thompson's Austin house had "some inherent mid-century charm and good flow," says architect J.C. Schmeil of Merzbau Design Collective. An addition, however, had been poorly done in the 70's—it was out of level, uninspiring, and made no connection to the backyard. So the couple hired Schmeil to remodel the addition, hoping to better connect the living area to the kitchen, dining area, and lounge; and to open the lounge to the outdoors. The result is a thoroughly modern space that looks as good as it functions. Click through the slideshow to learn more. And check out's Rooms section for lots more kitchen inspiration.

Owner Kirsten sourced some Eichler siding for the wall separating the lounge and the kitchen, and painted it a cool...
"We widened the opening between the living room and the dining room, keeping the existing doorway but cutting out a...
The original kitchen, pictured here, was outdated and needed some modern inspiration.
The firm also leveled the floors in the dining room and lounge, and added new oak flooring.
New windows and a sliding patio door bring in the light and give the house a strong connection to the new ipe deck and...
Owners Kirsten and Lloyd chose a muted mosaic tile from Modwalls to cover the backsplash and back wall of the kitchen.

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