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A Modern Addition Gives a London Chef a Dream Kitchen


Fraher Architects expanded a flat in northwest London to include a kitchen.

If you’ve ever wondered what chefs want out of their own kitchens, Fraher Architects’ latest project offers one answer: simplicity. Through an extension to an existing flat, they gave their client, who runs several fast-paced restaurants, a no-fuss cooking space where she could relax and socialize in the off hours with friends.

“The client wanted an interior space where you could read the materiality of the building elements like understanding...
The slightly below-ground kitchen sits inside a boxy extension, clad in recycled timber and stained kettle black.
A folding screen separates a new sitting area, just off the kitchen, from the rest of the house.
The architecture firm’s in-house joinery company, Fraher and Co, incorporated storage spaces throughout the home.
A sturdy concrete countertop curves around the entire length of the kitchen, finished in a texture Webster describes as...
The kitchen enjoys plenty of natural light, thanks to a narrow glass window above the kitchen sink that effectively...
The renovation added a touch of modernity to the building without overwhelming it. The yard remains a work in progress,...
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