Collection by Kelly Dawson

A Minimalist Home Negotiates a Tricky Site in Saint Paul


A 1,700-square-foot home features a bevy of modern furniture and oak-surfaced interiors.

There were plenty of challenges facing architect John Dwyer and his two clients even before they began construction on an awkward speck of land in Saint Paul, Minnesota. The plot is set in Saint Anthony Park, a popular neighborhood close to a state’s university and fair ground, and the previous owners had divided it before moving into a home close by. Dwyer’s clients, a married couple, were concerned about space but remained interested. It was up to Dwyer and his firm, D/O, to make the most of the opportunity. “We needed to discover a solution that would accommodate their life on this particular sliver of land within a few days, before the seller entertained other competing bids,” he said. The couple had requested a simplistic home where natural, locally sourced materials would be the basis of a bright setting. In the end, the challenges that plagued this property gave way to a place of calm.

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