Collection by Zachary Edelson

A Look at the Color Orange in 6 Modern Homes


From subtle accents to bold exterior coverings, these six projects aren't afraid to use bold orange hues.

The home was designed as a “box within a box,” in which two interior structures—an open-plan living space and two en...
Architect Grant explains that the recessed orange wall with built-in storage shelving is a counterpoint to the view of...
Villa Van Vijven cuts a truly remarkable figure, a striking orange figure on the otherwise flat green landscape.
In this custom-built London guesthouse kitchen designed by Studiomama, lustrous vertically clad cabinetry achieves...
Fabricated by Stocklin Iron Works and designed by Nebolon, the orange staircase features steel railings and treads made...
Inspired by the sea and sand, the couple chose blue and orange joinery colors.

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