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A Look at Staircases


Whether you're going up or going down, an artfully constructed staircase never takes you in the wrong direction. Take a look at some of our favorite examples, taken from our photo library from issues past.

Mikulionis custom designed the white steel staircase that leads from the living area up to the bedroom platform.
Yeo descends the spiral staircase that connects the public and private spaces while Ian relaxes on a pair of Cappellini...
There wasn’t enough room for a conventional stairway to the roof deck, so Pratt chose an industrial model from Lapeyre...
“The stair [by Lapeyre Stair] is very cost-effective, as compared to building woodwork,” Woo explains.
The stairway to the sleeping loft is a riff on a ship's ladder: "We spent a lot of time figuring out how much space we...
The home’s entryway features fly-ash concrete floors and stairs cut from recycled steel.
The stairs feature a geometric pattern of holes generated by a software script that allows rain to slip through to the...
Still life with IKEA lampshade and ventless fireplace.
For the banisters and railings around the reading loft, Miro and Weiss selected aluminum-magnesium Speed-Rail.
The stairs going up the knoll to the roof garden and to the house’s second-level entrance are made from Cor-Ten steel...
A built-in sofa with Design Tex upholstery marks the boundary between the two-level addition and the bungalow.