Collection by Diana Budds

A Look at Modern Breakfast Nooks


It's our firm belief that morning toast and coffee taste better in a cozy breakfast nook—a design feature made popular in Craftsman homes of the early 20th century. We've gathered five modern examples of these dining areas in the following slideshow.

Alex enjoys a sun-filled breakfast at the built-in dining table and bench, one of many space-saving designs.
The knotty-pine breakfast nook, which is similar to what was a signature feature of 1920s and ’30s Spanish-style...
"In the dining nook adjacent to the kitchen, there is a Bocci 21 light and a vintage table.
At breakfast, Arthur multitasks while seated at the dining table.
When two actors purchased their West Village abode, it came with a 180-degree view of the Hudson River—and a frenetic...