Collection by Zachary Edelson

A Look at Cork Floors in Modern Homes


While it's been used since the 19th century in flooring, cork has recently been gaining broader recognition: cork is eco-friendly (careful harvesting of cork bark keeps the tree alive, potentially for centuries), comfortable (it stays at room temperature, so no more cold floors), durable (potentially lasting decades), noise-attenuating, and it comes in multiple colors. However, cork is soft, so heavy furniture, sharp objects, and animal claws can damage it. Prices can vary compared to other flooring options but humble cork is always worth a look.

Both of the children have access to the playspace, which has cork flooring.
Built-in benches function both as seating and as spare beds in the living room.
Hale's material preferences helped keep costs low: Inexpensive plywood lines the ceiling and cork covers the floors.
An architect and an interior designer converted this dilapidated toolshed into a modern guesthouse.
For one of two sleeping areas flanking the main living space, Wooten placed tatami from Miya Shoji on the cork floor.

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