Collection by Andrea Smith

A Look at Arches in the Modern Home


See how a thousand-year-old design feature can be seamlessly incorporated into the modern home.

Layer by layer, a crumbling 18th-century flat in the middle of Barcelona finds new life at the hands of architect...
The couple kept original touches, including the arch.
Turin embraced the dark in her striking living room—the deep paint is Le Corbusier’s 4320J from Les Couleurs Suisse.
Warm and casual furniture is favored in the courtyard.
The couple retained the strongest architectural aspects of the house, such as the existing arch in the hall, and did...
The original arch and wall framing was retained between the dining room and the kitchen, while the kitchen has been...
A geometric patterned rug by Karpeta anchors pieces the couple designed for Zanotta, including three Pianoalto sofas...
Bunk House: Gibbs’s son Blake had one primary design requirement: bunk beds.