Collection by Caroline Wallis

A Hawaiian Renovation that Blends European Modernist and American Midcentury Styles


White walls, splashes of color, and vintage furniture are a winning recipe for this Hawaiian remodel.

With the help of salvaged materials and furniture, this Hawaiian home achieves what's often impossible: modern elegance but with a comfort that feels immediately worn-in and familiar. The secret sauce? Re-use. “If we couldn’t get a door or window from Re-Use Hawaii, we got it off of Craigslist—none were bought retail,” explains the architect, Fritz Johnson. The original house—a 60s “salt box” Oahu tract home—came with a charming midcentury facade that the homeowners wanted to preserve in the remodel. With an eye for classic, second-hand pieces, and a focus on the Dutch International Style, they teamed up with Johnson to create this cozy island residence.

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