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A Gathering Of Kindred Spirits Upstate


This time of year was seemingly made for trips to Upstate New York. Flecks of yellow and orange have just begun to dot mountainsides, fresh apples and squashes are making their way to roadside farm stands, and the humidity of summer has given way to that refreshing crispness that only autumn can bring. It was on a recent day like this that we found ourselves skimming along the Esopus creek on a bounty-filled pontoon towards the Hudson River. Along for the ride were a number of regional taste-makers—florist Kelli Galloway, the proprietors of Germantown’s Gaskins restaurant, Brunette wine bar’s Tracy Kennard and Jamie Kennard, and the editorial team from And North, a publication dedicated to all things Upstate. The reason for such an illustrious [and, okay, absurdly Instagrammable] gathering? A dinner to celebrate these wonderful Kindred Spirits at the historic Saugerties Lighthouse.

Built in 1869 as a beacon along the Hudson, the lighthouse is maintained by The Saugerties Lighthouse Conservancy and currently acts as a popular bed and breakfast. Located at the end of a long, winding peninsula and only accessible by boat at certain times of day, it provided a stunning, secluded backdrop for the day’s festivities. After drinks had been had and dinner had been eaten, guests embarked on a moonlit sailboat ride up the Hudson, courtesy of the Tivoli Sailing Company. With champagne in-hand and woolen throws to keep us warm, it was the perfect finale to an autumn day Upstate. Check out all of the photos below!

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