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A Contemporary Alpine Retreat in Switzerland


Thomas Schacht and Ruth Kramer, a Swiss-Danish couple have thoughtfully designed Brüke 49, a contemporary and cozy retreat located in a quaint village in Eastern Switzerland.

The interiors at Brüke 49 are composed of eclectic Scandinavian styles combined with pieces farmers who previously...
Inside pieces from iconic Danish designers range from Arne Jacobsen, Werner Panton, Børge Mogensen, Hans Wegner and...
Thomas Schacht and Ruth Kramer intended to create a comfortable and personalized space that could serve as a home away...
Located in Vals, Switzerland Brüke 49 opened its doors in 2011. Photo by Martin Guggisberg via Bergdorf AG.
The Brüke 49 offers four various styled rooms, each of which has a unique atmosphere.
Guests come from various regions of the world and are welcome to stay for any length of time.
The original chalet was built in 1902 however underwent renovation in 2010. Photo by Martin Guggisberg via Bergdorf AG.
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