Collection by Jaime Gillin

A BoConcept Makeover


When we moved into an Edwardian apartment in San Francisco's Mission District four years ago, we trucked in our furniture, set the pieces where we thought they made sense, and haven't changed much since then. So when BoConcept reached out to tell me about a new service they were offering—in-home design consultations—I jumped on the chance to gain some new perspective on my living space. One afternoon Caroline Krogh-Jensen, owner of two San Francisco stores, and Christopher Stanley, senior design consultant, met me in my apartment to discuss my style, desires for my living space, and to take a slew of measurements. Then they went off to their studio to concoct two fantasy proposals: what they'd do with my living room and adjacent parlor/dining room with an imaginary $12,000 (they called this option "Keeping it Real") and also what they'd do with $23,000 ("The Works"). This was a floor-to-ceiling overhaul, including rugs, light fixtures, and all furniture—working around an existing fireplace and large painting. The full experience costs $150—which is actually a credit toward a future BoConcept purchase. Here's what the team came up with.

At our in-store meeting, Caroline and Christopher presented a slideshow detailing their suggestions for how I might...
Here's a picture of our living room as it currently stands. A bit haphazard but it works for us. That's Bond in the...
This is the room adjacent to the living room, separated by sliding pocket doors.
In the showroom, Caroline readied an array of fabrics and pillows and rug samples used in their "Keeping it Real"...
Here's the first image in the slideshow, showing a plan view of the $12,000 "Keeping it Real" transformation.
In both plans, they suggested moving the couch against the wall facing the fireplace.
I was able to check out the sofa in person (in a sectional model), which was helpful.
Back to the slideshow.
Another view of the dining room. They proposed I paint the walls in a steely blue and sage green. I still prefer white.
Christopher was quite proud of his custom rendering of our fireplace; not a standard drop-in design element in their...
Moving on to a deeper-pocketed plan... "The Works" plays with $23,000.
Here's Christopher laying out the fabrics for the pricier option... I'm smitten with the buttery camel-colored leather.
The couch is the Indivi 2 3332, and it's a relatively whopping $4,288 in leather.
The coolest aspect of this dining room is the versatile Occa 312121 dining table in walnut, with a brushed steel...
Here it is in the showroom, atop the rug Christopher and Caroline specified for my "Keeping it Real" version of the...
Here Christopher demonstrates the table in action. The mechanism is pretty slick.
Here's the chair Caroline and Christopher picked for our bay window: the Veneto with a swivel base.