Collection by Caroline Wallis

A Bay Area Renovation Keeps its Midcentury Modern Roots


This 1958 home is everything a family could ever want back then—and now, with some minor modifications.

For Jerome Buttrick of Oakland based Buttrick Projects, the aim of this renovation was simply to update an already well-designed midcentury home. Situated on a steeply sloping lot, the home boasts views of the Bay from the comfort of a sheer buttressed living room, a move inspired by the one from the original plan. Keeping much of the original layout, the extensive remodel involved replacing almost every wall to introduce modern insulation, appliances and materials. Not only has the remodel made room for the kids, it also incorporated subtly sustainable features such as sun shading eaves and operable windows. As Buttrick explains, “The original project was a future forward-looking stage for domestic life that remains relevant today.”

In order to preserve the look of the original design, the house was stripped down to its post and beam structure and...
Preserving much of the original floor plan meant keeping this long hallway leading to most of the bedrooms.
Buttrick converted the original carport into additional bedrooms and bathrooms; to replace it, he designed a new...
Buttrick pays homage to the home’s midcentury bones with an Eames “Sofa Compact.” When asked to describe the interior...
In addition to the Eameses, the architect was also inspired by the early work of furniture designer Florence Knoll, and...
Adding several more buttresses to the living and dining area reinforces the visual connection to the view and deck.
The entire house cantilevers over the slope and features quintessentially midcentury modern features such as a wider...

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