Collection by Sarah Akkoush

A 250-Year-Old Stone House in Israel with a Surprisingly Modern Interior


This historic home by Henkin Shavit Architecture is reimagined through a modern lens.

From the street, this 18th-century stone residence blends in inconspicuously with its neighbors in the old city of Safed in the north of Israel. Architects Henkin Irit and Shavit Zohar preserved the historic shell, while introducing contemporary elements to the interior including concrete, wood, steel, and glass. After navigating an arduous documentation process to move the project forward, the architects went to great lengths to preserve and embrace the rich history of the home, while pushing design boundaries on the interior.

The original home was built in the shape of the Hebrew letter “Chet," which wrapped around an open courtyard.
The walls are made of recycled limestone sourced locally from dismantled houses.
Irit and Zohar imagined a space that would be a cohesive blend of old and new.
Warm and casual furniture is favored in the courtyard.
The master suite is housed in a cozy ground floor nook that takes advantage of the home’s original archways.
The master bathroom is framed by a glass and varnished steel doorway.
The historic facade blends in with the new stone of the addition.
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