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A 16-Foot-Wide Barcelona Row House Gets Creative to Stay Bright and Airy


Nook Architects wraps a staircase in mesh and transforms a confined row house into an open home.

Sparked by an influx of young professionals and artists, the factories and working class homes that once dominated Barcelona’s Poblenou neighborhood are giving way to innovative residential architecture. Hired by a young Spanish-Swedish couple to refurbish a two-story row home, Nook Architects realized that the house needed more than just a facelift. Due to poor construction, the architects had to start from scratch. What began as a modest remodeling project became an opportunity to “delete the visual limits of the usual house with multiple levels,” says Nook Architects. The result is an airy and art-filled home with colorful details from top to bottom.

The bottom floor combines the kitchen, dining area, and living room within a single open floor plan.
A narrow band of ceramic tiling delineates the compact kitchen from the rest of the room.
The railings on the middle level are 1.2-by-1.2-inch wrought iron bars and the wood flooring is by Kahrs.
Mesh is strung along the stairs and railings as a safety precaution for the couple’s first child, who was born during...
By creating so much open space, the family can feel connected even while on separate floors.
“The access and position of the house provided only one facade, so the distribution [of the rooms] had to be open...
This ground-floor study, adorned with IKEA’s Soderhamn sectional sofa, is located away from the facade to create some...
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