Give It a Ply 

Construction-site offcuts comprise the 20-seat 

table, which Turner made from a birch-core black phenolic-faced plywood, 

a waterproof material more commonly used to form concrete. The film-coated ply from UK supplier James Latham comes cheap, 

making it ideal for this 

kind of experimentation. Cubicle Life 

The main public space of Ochre Barn is broken up by a full-height OSB pod, which contains a bathroom and a utility room with 

a view. Up top is the crow’s nest, where Turner can survey his creation and answer any stray emails. Though the bench table, daybed, and outdoor spaces 

afford plenty of room for the couple to work away from the hubbub of weekend guests, the top of 

the pod offers dedicated office space.  Barn Renovation Ideas from Modern Picnic-Style Tables