Can you tell us a bit about how you found the storefront and what the space was like pre-renovation? How does the architecture complement the pieces for sale?

The site came on the market (quietly) and we were really taken by the opportunity afforded by the unusual space. There just isn’t anything in the neighborhood that compares. We’ve got a lot of exposure from the street, which brings in natural light and the front room. With the double height ceiling, it's a dramatic backdrop for our products. Prior to our renovation, the front and back were completely disconnected. We took the dividing wall down and opened up the space to bring some of the light and air deeper in the store. And from a programming perspective, we wanted to showcase pieces from the home in the areas that they would be used, so we designed “rooms” with basic functions: kitchen, bath, and living.  Habitats from Shops We Love: Boerum House and Home, Brooklyn