Precious material goods always figure into any interior design-focused show, and there was no dearth of opulence this year, particularly in the accessories. Belgian designer Michael Verheyden presented his Komm tray, a massive two-foot wide bowl carved from a single slab of antique marble from Italy, as well as vessels incorporating python and copper (alas the images garnered from the show floor were pretty sad representations—we’ll do an update next week when Verheyden uploads better shots). On the lighter side of things, architects Stine Gam and Enrico Fratesi presented their elegant Karui trays for Skultana, a series trio comprised of Swedish leather and spun metal. Interesting factoid: Swedish leather is particularly prized, not only because it’s relatively rare (Sweden isn’t known for its large cattle population), but also because the colder climate means there are less insects, which means there is less irritation for the animal, which means the hide is more supple and in better condition for production.  Highlights from Maison & Objet 2015 by Amanda Dameron