White oak takes center stage inside the main entrance. "Our inclination from the get-go was to have a lot of wood inside the house—not just on the floors, but other surfaces," Lang says. "So as we designed, it became a matter of balancing our spaces in terms of the materials we implemented, recognizing that we weren't going to put wood everywhere. That entry space happens to be an exception where the wood is just everywhere. It is the only space in the house where wood is on the floors, the walls, the ceilings, the stairs, everywhere. Not only that, but it happens to be 16 feet high—even higher than that if you consider the opening in the stairwell—so it ended up being a really dramatic space that we're pleased with and that people are drawn to."  Make an Appearance Like These 9 Modern Entryways by Kelsey Keith from An Enclave of Modern Cottages in New York's Hudson Valley