Pictured here are Dwell on Design 2013 "Can You Spot the Fake?" panelists (left to right) Emeco chairman and Be Original member Gregg Buchbinder; textile designer, color consultant, and trend forecaster Laura Guido-Clark; and Made in America blogger John Briggs. At first Buchbinder was hesitant to bring, as requested, an original Emeco Navy Chair and a knockoff version. After all, as he pointed out, the real differences between the two chairs are not always visible to the naked eye. The whole point of knockoffs is to create a product that visually resembles an original, authentic design. So to really understand the difference between the two chairs, one has to look much deeper—into the design and manufacturing process, environmental protection, worker rights, and even to the broader American economy.  Can You Spot the Fake? How Knockoffs Affect the Design Industry by Jaime Gillin