Master Japanese architect Terunobu Fujimori is an original thinker, and a pro at melding ancient traditions with modern design. So who better to offer a quick primer on how to char your own cedar wood, in order to seal the wood against rot, rain, and fire? Here, six (only slightly dangerous!) steps to transform your boards into surprisingly sleek and smart siding. To see this kind of cladding in action, check out our Facade Focus slideshow.

Fujimori, demonstrating the process of charring cedar boards, packs newspaper into the base of three planks that have been bound together. To begin the charring process, the newspaper that has been packed between the boards is set on fire.  Week in Review: 7 Great Reads You May Have Missed June 1, 2013 by Megan Hamaker from Steps: How to Make Charred Cedar Cladding