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The original structure; the new house shares the same footprint but now includes a studio and a garage extension.
In the dining area, a garage door opens up to the adjacent courtyard, thereby doubling the size of the space.
The flat roof of the Nakhshabs’ energy-efficient home is topped with photo-voltaic panels.
The two buildings on either end of the house form an intimate, private courtyard between them — a common feature of...
An angled 26-foot by 64-foot roof dominates the guest house, situated between a 1930s farmhouse and the Rappahannock...
Though the house is sleekly modern—some visitors unaccustomed to contemporary architecture have said it looks like a...
The Mineral Springs house consists of a modern 1,000-square-foot addition to a farmhouse that's clad in Cor-Ten panels.
McAvoy rebuilt the farmhouse’s original stone walls piece by piece.
The best view of the sea comes from the master bedroom on the home's northern edge.