A Clear View

Washington, District of Columbia
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At 506 O Street NW, a U-shaped building creates two equal three-story units that mirror one another. In a city where nature and sky are scarce, a central courtyard planted with a crepe myrtle tree separates the two units and provides a welcoming entrance and comfortable outdoor living space.

Large storefront windows encourage a dialogue between units as well as the surrounding neighborhood. By building open and inviting buildings, Suzane Reatig Architecture has taken an active role in improving the neighborhood and presenting a new image to the community.

When you construct a building to look like a fortress, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy; our goal is to challenge this tendency in urban design.

Two equal three-story units mirror each other, facing a central courtyard and providing a clear view to the neighborhood beyond.

Photo Courtesy of Suzane Reatig Architecture

A Japanese rock garden is an atypical Washington, DC row house yard.

Photo Courtesy of Suzane Reatig Architecture

Interior stairs that face the central court.

Photo Courtesy of Suzane Reatig Architecture

Corner-wrapping windows are open to the neighborhood.

Photo Courtesy of Suzane Reatig Architecture

High windows on the ground floor provide privacy.

Photo Courtesy of Suzane Reatig Architecture
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Suzane Reatig Architecture
Suzane Reatig Architecture is a contemporary firm that seeks to inspire others through the clarity of our designs, the contextual and spatial simplicity of our formal resolution, the beauty of construction and our sensitivity to light and reflection. Projects range in scale from small renovations to the design and construction of large multi-family dwellings.
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