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5 Ways You Can Use Wood-look Floor Tiles at Your Home


Wood-look floor tiles are the hottest flooring option for homes these days. It gives a natural appearance almost like wood and has the durability and maintainability of porcelain. They are produced by using a very advanced technology, and by using such tiles, you will not only add value to your property but also increase the beauty of the floor too. Here are 5 creative ways for incorporating wood-look tile at your home.

Combine these tiles with natural stone
If you are looking for any revolutionary floor design, then consider using a combination of stone colour with wood tones with the help of fabulous Refin wood tiles.Read more at . You can combine 2 of the best-looking flooring trends and create a unique tile design. Richness of meshes of stone will perfectly match with the tone of warm wood, which will be absolutely perfect for any kitchen, master bedroom or living room.

Go with any white shade
If you are fond of wooden texture but prefer something different from traditional oak or cherry colours, then you may consider using Harmony series with its exotic appearance. It is available in stunning modern white shade that can offer the shape of natural plank shape, which can perfectly match with any kind of furnishings. Along with the appearance, by using a porcelain tile, which will be water resistant and also can withstand wide temperature range.

Use it in wet areas
Natural-looking decor will certainly produce a calm and spa like environment in your bathroom, however all types of material may not be suitable for high-moisture areas. In order to get natural wooden look in the bathroom, you may use wood-look tile. Knox wood tiles has more than 20 different designs, with porcelain pieces can also be used in the damp areas too like under the shower and also can be easily cleaned and maintained.

Take It up on the wall
Wood-look styles are not just meant for floors only and in order to offer natural-looking decor, you can also prefer to use Treverkchic tile on your walls. In fact, there are unlimited possibilities of designing, when you can use the beauty of woods with the functionality as well as versatility of any porcelain tile.

As an accent use It
Quite often metal accents are also inserted into various tile designs, but now you can find some other ways of accenting your decor with any decorative wood-look tiles. By using any accent pieces inside the wooden line can be specifically tailored for enhancing porcelain, glass and ceramic tile designs. With such decorative accents the wooden appearance can be used also in kitchens, showers and other areas of high-moisture. You can spice up your bathroom by using any wood-look liner. Also, if you want, you can also bring out your kitchen’s beauty by adding a rows of wood-look accent tile.

For achieving the hardwood look along with water-resistance and durability of tile, such wood-look tile can be an exceptional investment. You may take above 5 ideas and use such wood-look tile for creating an authentic-looking design, which is long-lasting, beautiful in appearance and very easy to maintain.