Collection by Pines Modern

214 Beach Hill Walk


Architect: DON PAGE, 1962.
Restoration and Addition: RAWLINS DESIGN, 2012-Present.

This early addition to the resort's modernist landscape was commissioned by Stanley Posthorn (1915-2009), a public relations executive for Time Inc. who was credited with the success of Forbes and People magazine. An art collector, Posthorn acquired early works by his friends Andy Warhol, Joe Brainard, Ellsworth Kelly, and his nephew Jim Dine. Seeking a coastal retreat as well as a place to display his art collection, Posthorn called upon architect Charles “Don” Page (1917-2007). To accentuate the display of art inside, the entire front facade was a blank, punctuated only by a covered porch that led to the front door.

As part of the ongoing renovation, Rawlins Design transformed the entry porch into a glass-enclosed stair that presents a more inviting face to the public boardwalk. The latest phase of work integrates a new outdoor shower, hot tub, and renovated pool into the ensemble. Combining formal restraint with dramatic changes, 214 Beach Hill Walk is an exploration in the art of forging ahead while honoring the past.

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