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18th Ave City Homes

Pricier materials, like the locally sourced cedar used for the garage doors, are applied judiciously.
The architects installed concrete pavers on the north and east sides of the house with wooly thyme planted in between.
Prefinished cement fiberboard panels cover the rear facade.
Rex folding rocker chairs from Design Within Reach are paired with black galvanized-steel planters from Ikea on the...
Duravit’s D-Code fixtures outfit the bathroom.
The third-floor master bedroom boasts sweeping views of Seattle.
Bowie designed the nightstand, which acts as a prime perch for a vintage lamp her parents purchased in the Netherlands.
Malboeuf stands at a Fisher & Paykel refrigerator in the kitchen.
Architects Tiffany Bowie and Joe Malboeuf’s Capitol Hill, Seattle, infill project was completed for $189 per square...
Bowie and Malboeuf’s unit occupies three levels facing the property’s backyard.
The three units are situated vertically within the structure, each occupying a portion of each floor.