The menu, created by chef Conor Beach, who used to head up the kitchen in the eponymous Hong Kong restaurant Bibo and TRI, boasts elements of both traditional and contemporary preservation methods, including smoking, salting and curing, using the finest ingredients sourced from the four corners of the world. Beach is best known for his attention to detail and his insistence on creating each dish from scratch. At 12,000 FRANCS he will produce everything from sourdough and terrines, through to pastrami in house Celebrating the art of preservation, the menu is divided into relevant sections, including Picked + Potted, Smoke + Salted, Vacuum + Fire, and Sugar + Sweet. It is managed and owned by Chris Woodyard and Bronwyn Cheung, the creative duo behind acclaimed Wan Chai restaurant Madam Sixty Ate and Elements’ Madam S’ate. 

  12,000 Francs by Emma Maxwell
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