As the guests venture through the space, dense clusters of hand blown, honey coloured glass Bee Hive pendant lighting float evocatively above them. 
The ceiling, treated with hand pressed brass metal in a bee wing pattern, and ensures the space is blanketed a soft, comforting amber coloured glow.
The rich narrative of the space is further articulated with Kerrie Brown, “Broken Green” wallpaper. 
The pattern resonates with the memory of a 300 year old French Chateaus when the Napoleonic empire saturated Europes psyche. Brown, who designed for motion pictures, drew on her inspiration from designing films such as Don’t be Afraid of the Dark (Guillermo del Toro), Mao’s Last Dancer  (Bruce Beresford), Babe for which she was nominated for an Academy Award (George Miller), The Chronicles of Narnia – The Lion the Witch & the Wardrobe & Prince Caspian (Andrew Adamson). The wallpaper appears to sit like delicate layers of a patterned midian on the wall, as if one just opened the door to a long ago abandoned building.  The heavy, rich maximalist pattern of the wallpaper is accentuated by the sharp narrative of monochromatic contemporary honey comb tiles.     

  12,000 Francs by Emma Maxwell