The interior is a playful blend of Napoleonic period references and sharp contemporary context.  As guests walk through the threshold, they are  wept from the chaotic and bustling neon lit streets of Hong Kong, and submerged into a seductive and evocative “other” world.  The space is woven with Napoleonic narrative including the iconic Napoleonic bee, which was synonymous with his reign. Chosen by Napoleon himself, the bees virtues of collective organisation and industry were values that he hoped would by people though-out the French empire . The bee became one of the most prominent icon of of the French Revolution and they are strongly associated with the inspiration for the design of the the pre-eminent 
Fleur de Lis. 
At the entrance, a long communal sommelier table greets the guest as they arrive. A large bronze cast bespoke designed Pig sits prominently at the centre of the table. He holds 6 bottles of chilled “wine in swine”. Its a playful nudge to the character Napoleon the pig from George Orwell’s Animal farm. Maxwell also designed the stools around the sommelier table.
  12,000 Francs by Emma Maxwell