Kitchen, Cooktops, Wall Oven, White, Porcelain Tile, Refrigerator, Ceiling, Engineered Quartz, Drop In, Track, and Accent "We needed a place to station the computer, and have one-on-one meetings with clients," explains Efrat of the new study. "However. I didn’t want to make the public space feel dark and small (by subtracting a chunk of it for a designated room). Another constraint was to have acoustic isolation, and the glass-walled room was the perfect solution for all of the above—it made the main living space feel more spacious since it enables light to pass through, yet separated it from the main living space acoustically and effectively."  Best Kitchen Cooktops Drop In Accent Refrigerator Photos from Budget Breakdown: A Stunning Apartment Revamp Mixes High and Low For Under $100K